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Electronic project – automate your bathroom light

There are so many electronic projects we can build. Some of them are more useful than the others, but all of them are fun to build. We like to have transistors and resistors in our hands. Not to mention soldering tool.  So while we have our fun, we will try to describe what we do. And right now we will try to build tis electronic project. Watch how it goes!

Automate your bathroom whit this electronic project!

This electronic project  is used to automate  a bathroom light. It is designed for a bathroom  with an automatic door-closer, where the manual verification of light status is not possible. The circuit can indicate whether the bathroom is occupied also. The circuit uses  two ICs and can work  with m a 5V power supply. It does not use mechanical contacts so it performance is good.

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FM transmitter packages


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Arduino project lie detector

Arduino project – How to build a lie detector?

Read another great Arduino project from eRobotKits!

Lie detector is one of those things that intrigues us all. Everyone would love to have it. But how can we get it? We can buy the polygraph on eBay of course, but it is damn expensive. Yeah, there are a few low cost toys, but i don’t think they work too well. It’s not worth of risk and you will throw your 30 bucks if choose to buy them. So what is the best solution? Build it!  With Arduino board of course. Arduino made it pretty simple. Click the little link called “read more” below and create your own lie detector.
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Robot Curiosity – vacation on Mars

Curiosity  is one more great vehicle robot that is doing its job. NASA sent him to explore the surface of Mars. The robot became quite popular around the word. Newspapers and web portals write about its achievements every day and it’s no surprise that many people know what is Curiosity. We would like to describe the robot and his task on the red planet.

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Kuratas – ultimate gadget for robot fans

A company  from Japan called Suidobashi Heavy Industries recently created its 13-foot  humanoid robot called Kuratas. This robot is the creation of artist Kogoro Kurata and robotics scientist Wataru Yoshizaki. They designed it to be some kind of war machine  with guns and sheilds but it is not deadly as it seems.  That is why you can buy it for yourself. Kuratas also can be useful because it runs 10 km/h and it can be used as a car. Very expencive one!

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Advanced Arduino project: Security terminal

Here is another useful Arduino project. We will build a terminal which opens when you enter right security code. You will have to enter the right password into keypad and the green led will activate. If the code is wrong, then Arduino will activate red LED. After the project is finished, we can upgrade it and program the Arduino to open electronic lock or something similar.

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Electronic project: Car battery charger

Today we will turn off our robots and will focus on  this particular electronic device.

Battery charger always come handy. Imagine the situation where you are on the road trip and you are taking photos with your handy camera that goes on 6V battery. On the half way your battery is dead and you need to recharge it in order to continue taking shots. In this electronic project we will help you to build your own car battery charger. Yes, you can buy some commercial solution, but where is fun in that? And this battery charger is cheaper than the one in the store. All parts for the charger can be found in local electronic store, but you can find it cheaper in online electronic stores. We recommend electronickits.com because they have quality electronic components and they are not expensive.

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